Floating Subaru Among New Zealand Fish Tourney


For all those gear heads out there who dream of an amphibious car, this is how to get it done, well sort of. A boat race and fishing tournament in Auckland, New Zealand which included a super modified floating Subaru needed some attention from the local Coast Guard recently.

The Coast Guard did not sound too concerned when it reported the incident on Facebook:

These guys and gals were having a great time today!One was reported taking on water and in danger of sinking, however...

Posted by Coastguard Hibiscus on Sunday, April 26, 2015


“These guys and gals were having a great time today!” the post states. “One was reported taking on water and in danger of sinking, however they had it sorted out after a while, another did capsize… with 3 people getting an unexpected swim, Hibiscus Rescue 2 and North Shore Rescue were in the area to lend a hand, it was great to see everyone wearing lifejackets! Not sure who won the fishing comp?”

For police though it was another story. Officers issued warnings to organizers of the event held annually as a good sort of local fun. This year it included 60 people on 15 boats, many of them either homemade or modified from other crafts. Police cited alcohol as part of the reason for the warning.

"It's all about people building boats,” one participant who did not want to be named told the New Zealand Herald.  These guys have spent a year restoring boats and we've had a lot of positive feedback from the community. It's 100 per cent positive. We're just locals, just mates, having a good time."

Photo credit: Coastguard Hibiscus/Facebook