Aston Martin to Produce Yachts

Taking its James Bond image a step further, Aston Martin recently announced plans to unveil a new line of yachts, translating their motto of “Power, Beauty and Soul” from the road to the water. The car maker recently unveiled two models of yachts at its design center in Great Britain, according to the BBC

There have only been a limited number of photos of the design released so far, but the boats will debut publicly this September at the Monaco Yacht Show. Aston Martin’s creative design has led to some of the most stunning sports cars in the world, and that inspiration is being brought to yachts that are expected to have the same balance of beauty and engineering.

The Aston Martin brand gained fame as the sleek and high-tech choice of Ian Fleming’s fictional spy, Agent 007, in the James Bond movie series. The yachts have a sculpted stern – resembling the rear of modern Aston Martin Cars. 

The deck opens to cover the open space for a seamless path onto the vessel, and once everyone is on-board it quietly slides back to expose the whole interior. The boat features controls similar to those in luxury cars. The carbon composite structure was created with the help of Dutch naval architects Mulder Design to ensure car-like comfort and performance, in a project that is a partnership between Aston Martin and a Netherlands company, Quintessence Yacht.

Carbon fiber construction for structural parts were chosen to keep the yachts lightweight but extremely durable. The boats will have a fully-integrated high-definition touch screen controlled by a choice of voice command, dashboard buttons, or remote control. They’re finished and fitted out in elegant style, with captain’s chairs and plenty of wrap-around seating. The company says to expect easy sports car-like handling and performance, even on rough seas.

The AM37S will be classified as a sports yacht, capable of a top speed of roughly 70 mph, and the standard AM37 will be a more luxurious gran turismo-style boat with a top speed of about 57 mph.

Part of the elevated interest comes due to the fact that potential owners of the new Aston Martin boats are being given details privately on a strictly confidential one-on-one basis until the actual reveal in the fall.