Top 6 Must-Have UTV Accessories

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All-terrain vehicles are a lot of fun, but there are some common sense accessories that can make your off-road adventure even that much more enjoyable. While ATVs are still popular, side-by-side UTVs have quickly become the preferred mode of off-road transit for those who want a little more stability, a bit more safety and considerably more comfort. Here are six must-have accessories that add style and convenience to your UTV.

Extra Storage

While many UTVs are increasing their storage capacity, few truly come with enough storage. Adding an extra storage compartment to the rear of your all-terrain vehicle is a great way to maximize its usefulness. Most brands offer a range of accessories you can purchase for your UTV, such as Can-Am’s optional storage boxes. 

Battery Power

There are lots of ways to get out a jam if you’re stuck with your all-terrain vehicle, but it’s rare that you will be able to get a jump start. If you don’t have a friend around with another rig or jumper cables handy, a great accessory to keep on-hand is a portable battery pack. You may take for granted that your engine starts every time, but some day your luck will run out. A good option is the RMSTATOR portable jump starter for $119.

Windshield/Cab Enclosure

Few things feel as liberating as cruising down an off-road track, feeling the wind in your hair and leaving the world behind in your dust. But nothing can make that experience worse than a bug to the face or dust in your eye. That’s why equipping your UTV with a windshield and/or cab enclosure is a great idea. You can choose a partial windshield so as not to completely cut yourself off from the outdoors. This will keep the bugs from making a bee-line toward your mouth and also the dust from swirling into the cab. 


When all else fails and you’re stuck, a good winch will do the trick every time. At LiveOutdoors we’ve written about ways to choose a good winch and safety measures when you’re using a winch. The most important thing is that the winch has a good strong cable. You want to secure it well and stand clear of the cable as it’s put under pressure. If that sucker snaps, you want to well enough way so that it doesn’t hurt anyone. Granted you have somewhere to attach the cable, you’re be a-okay.

Spare Air Filters

With every engine you ever operate, you should keep on hand extra filters and belts. This goes for oil filters, fuel filters and air filters. When you’re in the city, these parts are not difficult to find in a pinch. But when you’re 50 miles from the nearest auto parts store out in the middle of nowhere, you might want to think about having some extra along with you. Most important for off-road vehicles is a spare air filter. You would be surprised how much dust gets kicked up into your engine. And a fresh air filter just might make the difference between getting home and getting stranded. 

Gas Can

An engine needs just a few things to run popular. Air, water and fuel. Air and water are easy to come by. But fuel, now this can be a limited resource. You always want to have a full can of extra gas whenever you embark on an off-road adventure, regardless of whether you think you are going to need it or not. It’s just common sense. That’s one accessory you would be absolutely foolish not to carry.

Photo credit: Dreamstime