Race the Car of Your Dreams At Exotics Racing

For anyone who ever dreamed of burning rubber around a racetrack in a high performance sports car, Exotics Racing in Las Vegas and Los Angeles will make your fantasies a reality.

Learn to drive the car of your dreams or take a ride with a professional driver for two laps of no-holds-barred, pedal to the metal drifting ride-along. Here they deliver an experience you will not soon forget.

About an hour from downtown L.A., we caught up with lead instructor Kevin Madson at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana where the company offers driving lessons on the weekend.

“If you were to tell someone when they were 5-years-old playing with a little match box cars that they would be able to drive that car on a race track someday, they wouldn’t believe you,” Madson said.

Exotics Racing offers several packages from $99 for the drifting ride-along to anywhere from $199 to $399 to actually get behind the wheel of your dream car. Different prices depend on how many laps you want to drive and how many cars you’d like to drive. It’s perfect for a holiday gift or to treat yourself to a thrill of a lifetime.

Choose from a Lamborghini, Porsche, Corvette, and others with more than 500 horsepower. You’ll receive a brief lesson on driving the course and receive a personal instructor to help you navigate the fastest route possible.

For the drift car experience, you’ll take the passenger seat as French racing champion Evens Stievenart demonstrates his skill behind the wheel, burning so much rubber in the Corvette VO6 that he goes through 2-to-3 sets of rear tires every day.

“We have folks who come out for their first experience to pros who want to try out a different car,” Madson said. “The instructors we have are really top notch. They will be able to get you up to speed in no time.”

Watch our video from our day at the race track below:

Photo credit: Exotics Racing