Watch a Vespa Scooter Own This Motorcyclist

First of all, just taking a few minutes to enjoy this video is fun. In the world of motorcycle riding, a Vespa scooter is not even considered in the same category.

And maybe for that reason, when this Vespa rider overtakes a cocky motorcycle rider, we all want to cheer, or at least gasp.

The video appears to come out of Italy, or maybe Spain. And the road handling alone is enough to impress, but the wheelie really turns the knife at the exact moment the Vespa rider schools the motorcycle.

Of course, it is possible the Vespa had some overhaul work done prior to the race, but isn’t that the game? And a Vespa is a wonderful disguise for a powerful engine and a skilled rider with a well-placed camera.

This one has the feel of a Bond film mixed with a vacationer’s home movie. Good times.

Photo credit: Youtube