Vermonster is Mud Bog Magic in New England

Mud, big trucks and huge tires are not something left to the motor heads on the west coast or in the south. As it turns out, the gentle, verdant, rolling hills of Vermont, land of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, Bernie Sanders, and a relaxed Yankee sensibility, is also the home of one of the loudest, muddiest, largest, most magnificent mud carnivals in all of off-road sports.

We’re talking about the Vermonster 4×4 Tire Tow competition in Bradford Vermont. Held twice a year, this mud filled good time attracts thousands from across the nation who all gather in their southeastern Vermont town to witness what many say is a proving grounds for the best and most competitive wheelers in the nation. The next event takes place April 30.

The event showcases the small power wheels, as well as 10 classes of head-to-head mud drags, monster trucks, tough trucks and rock crawling. Fans and competitors alike also enjoy the big bad trench, a mind-numbing swatch of slurry and treachery that can manage to swallow even the most insanely lifted of the most horsepower-laden monsters.

It is truly a sight to behold. But event organizers have augmented the chaos with nearly a dozen other events, which include hill-climbs, snowbogs, and the invasion tour, which brings both mega mud trucks and monster trucks to fairgrounds and speedways all over New England.

Vermonter is a fine event in the it puts the rednecks on the map in gentle Vermont. Come on out and have some maple syrup, check out the fall leaves, and enjoy massive master trucks as they fill the air with growling rams and airborne mud flurries.

Photo credit: Youtube