Watch Big Foot Drag Race a Jet Car

It sounds like a new comic book movie, or maybe even an episode of the 1970’s TV show The Six Million Dollar Man, but believe it or not, it’s reality… sort of.

What could be better than the time-honored monster truck, injected with octane and road-gripping monster tires, going head to head with a jet car in a drag competition?

Sure, another contest could pit a jet car against Big Foot in a mud bog race, but something tells us a jet engine would not perform well in such a debris-laden environment.

And anyway, it’s way cooler this way. Kinda reminds us of our wildest fantasies on the playground, down there in the mud next to the swing sets, hoping the bell doesn’t ring before our Stomper and best the bat mobile.

Those were fine days, and we can have them again, thanks to somebody’s brilliant idea.

Photo credit: Youtube