Watch These Dads Race Barbie Jeeps

It really was just a matter of time. Or maybe the little machines were made just for this purpose. We’re talking about Barbie Jeep racing.

When you think about it, you get some redneck dads, who invariably end up with one or two of these toys knocking around the yard. Sooner or later, maybe after the third cookout of the season, and definitely after the girls go to bed, somebody’s gonna climb onto a Barbie jeep and see how far they can push it down a muddy hill.

But the genuine magic of the thing is that, apparently, it has grown into a thing. There are entire events centered around racing barbie jeeps. One such event is in Arkansas, of course. The Extreme Redneck Barbie Jeep races draw huge crowds.

With such small powertrains, a little gravity down a long muddy hill goes a long way to incite thrills and drama. Still, to hear the referee announcing to a pack of half-lit rednecks, all about to climb aboard their Barbie Jeeps, “If you crash your barbie Jeep, you’re gonna pick it up and carry it the rest of the way,” this is pure quality.

And it’s the ideal application for a $300 vehicle with pink, glittery flowers on it.