6 Must Have Off-Road Accessories For Personal Needs

Performance-minded off-road enthusiasts will be quick to dump their money into aftermarket parts for their vehicle, but those lucky few satisfied with their ride can utilize cash to improve the creature comforts of an off-road trip.

Here are 6 off-road accessories that can make your off-road experience more enjoyable:

Coleman Water Bag

coleman water bag

Whether you’re tackling the rough terrain with four-wheel drive, or taking an easier route, once you’ve spent any amount of time off-road you’ll find that hydration is key to physical and mental stability. You’ll want to pack plenty of water for the trip, but the water you carry on your back on the go can be light. This 8-liter water bag from Coleman is affordable and will give you enough hydration between stops.

Rock Hard 4X4 Rock Rack


Some off-roaders have the luxury of carrying more water than a few jugs thrown over the sides of a dirt bike. For bigger vehicles, the option for a rack with an ice cooler is available, and should be capitalized on unless you’re concerned with every extra pound. The Rock Hard 4×4 Parts Rack is 18” by 32 ½” and its 5-inch depth will help keep everything secured with straps or rope.

Garmin External Power Pack

This is a no-brainer, but unless you have a campground with electric hookups, you will need a reliable way to charge on the go. Garmin’s External Power Pack houses a 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery capable of charging 5V devices. Three methods of charging the pack (solar, USB, universal mains) ensure that you won’t lose power on your trip.

Rugged Ridge Clinometer

rugged ridge

If you neglect to buy the above product, you may well get into a situation unique to the 21st century — losing access to satellite-provided mapping systems. A good compass (accompanied by map), if used properly, can get you out of this jam and to our modern oasis, the nearest source of electricity and WiFi. This system by Rugged Ridge includes a clinometer that shows your roll angle and pitch.

Oakley Crowbars


Your window to the filthy world that awaits, a good pair of goggles will keep your vision clear and your mentality clearer. Depending on the elements you’re exposed to, some important things to consider are thickness, scratch resistance, color. These Oakley Crowbars cover everything you need, with F2 Anti-fog technology and a scratch and impact resistant Lexan lens. A removable nose guard helps to further tailor the goggles to your own preferences.

Midland CB Radio

midland cb

Cell phones do about everything nowadays. But if you forgot to buy the above mentioned charger, you could be left without a method of communicating with your group. Walkie talkies connect you to a group without worry of cell phone signal. Also, they are built to withstand more than the average iPhone screen. The Midland 40-Channel CB Radio provides a 7-watt input and the maximum allowable 4 watts output power. A precision PLL frequency control system provides spot-on channel tuning.

Photo credit: Wikimedia