All Hail the Overhauled Ferret by Toyo Tires

Alright, this one is possibly the purest representation of all that is magnificent about the pursuit of ultimate offload capability. 

We’re talking about the overhauled Ferret, rolled out last month by Toyo Tires. Imagine the most capable four-wheel tank from your back yard kiddo dreams of super jeep magic, and now add a grappling hook gun and a third set of tires for high centers.

Of course, keep it army green, and then put an offload racing legend behind the wheel. 

That is the Toyo Tires Ferret. Part ATV, part tank, part James Bond fantasy machine, and all muscle, this is a vehicle that any off road warrior worth his butter would want to own. Toyo Tires enlisted offload champion BJ Baldwin to drive it.

To build the beast, the designers took a 1959 Ferret, the iconic British military scout vehicle, and augmented it with some genuine inspiration. How about a set of tires, powered by hydraulic motors, which engage when the machine is high centered. King Shocks give it unprecedented suspension. Next, replace the old power plant with a beefy Chevy LS engine.

Of course, any proper off road rig needs a Power Takeoff Winch. How about one attached to a small cannon that fires a grappling hook?

That is correct. The Ferret, when crammed in a ravine, can launch a hook and pull itself out with the winch.

The ferret is purpose built to be able to handle every possible type of terrain. And from the looks of it, they’ve succeeded.