Indy Cars at Watkins Glen a Sight to Behold

You may not have made it out to Watkins Glen, New York to enjoy the Verizon Indy Car Grand Prix earlier this month, but the venue is truly fabulous for anyone who loves the sport.

Yes, there are venues beyond the Indy 500 for the real fans to watch cars race, and Watkins Glen is among the finest. And it should be: fans lay out $90 just to watch cars run for the whole weekend. 

Located at the southern tip of Seneca Lake, The Glen, as it is known, has been running all types of race cars since the 1950’s. Until 1957, Formula One Grand Prix ran on the town’s roads, but in that year the dedicated track became reality, and today the venue is known world-wide as an auto racing mecca.

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The thing we love about an Indy car series is just how high performance, precarious, and magnificently expensive the cars are. Anyone who’s been around the cars knows the absolute rattle of decibels they deliver, topping out at 220 mph.

“It’s expensive to go fast,” as the expression goes. So, too, is it to watch. But watching at a place like the Glen is akin to watching the ponies at Churchill Downs. There’s a decadence and a potential for depravity. And that’s most of the good time.