Motorcycle Falls from Sky at Motocross of Nations Final

Nothing gets a rider’s attention quite like a motorcycle landing on his head just as he wins a race. And so far only one rider is on record knowing that.

American motocross rockstar Jason Anderson may have won Race 3 of the Motocross of Nations series in Maggoria, Italy Sept. 24, but in the random and kinetic environment of such races, the very real possibility of getting hit by a flying cycle became a reality.

Racing with team Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing, representing the United States, Anderson had bested the other riders and thrown up his hands in victory as he rolled across the finish line, but because of his superior time, he’d managed to lap many other riders, who were still leaping and soaring through the air as they negotiated the track at speed.

At about 2:20 on the counter, a bike falls out of nowhere and bullseyes Anderson in the helmet, sending him to the ground.

The collision looks terrible, but his team, through a press release, assured fans he was alright, but also reported it was not his only injury of the series. He’d also hurt his leg during qualifying rounds. Anderson was taken to a local hospital for mandatory concussion check, but was found to have sustained no injuries.

Maybe worse than being struck by a falling bike, however, is the fact that, while Anderson won race 3, it was France that took the overall win.

How’s that for a bike tot he head?

Photo credit: MXGP