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How Ice Fish Drifting Could Become the Next Winter Thrill Sport

One of the best things about winter are all the opportunities to do crazy shit that involves booze, ice, and internal combustion engines. Of course, ice fishing has always been a major player in the “crazy winter stuff” activities list, but until now it was been a stand-alone crazy activity.

But after having a look at the Red Bull Ice Drift, we’ve devised what could be the finest of all winter sporting events we are calling Ice Fish Drifting, with booze attached.

Ok, we can work on the name, but here’s the idea: Each rider prepares to execute pro-level drift racing on a dirt bike on a frozen lake, but they must drift accurately to their own, previously constructed ice fishing shack.

From there, the tournament begins, which anyone who has ever at the very least witnessed ice fishing will attest will be almost as uneventful as a Major League Baseball game.

But here’s the catch: Each shack should be built to withstand the impact of a Yamaha 280 drifting at speed from the far end of the lake. That’s because each tournament fisherman will not only need to be weary of other riders, but will have the opportunity to take out the shacks of their competitors with some precision drifting of their own.

We’re working out some of the liability details, but when we get it dialed in, we believe Ice Fish Drifting with booze attached will be a contender for the winter olympic games. So if you have a frozen lake, an ice fishing enthusiast friend, and a list bike, here’s your opportunity to start training up for the next big sport.

Photo credit: Redbull