Mountain Lion Seen Carrying a House Cat in Los Angeles

Mountain lions in two separate incidents were captured on camera in Los Angeles recently, and in one video the big cat is seen carrying something in its mouth. 

Brian Murloch captured one of the videos in Monrovia, bordering the Angeles National Forest. The footage is grainy but clearly shows the mountain lion hauling a smaller animal with its teeth.

“Unfortunately I believe it was the neighbor’s cat,” Murloch told KTLA.

In Monrovia, residents are used to seeing bears, which Murloch says don’t bother him. Mountain lions, though, are another story. 

“In my opinion they need to trap it and take it up in the hills somewhere before it gets somebody’s kid,” he told the station.

In another incident on Halloween night, a cougar with a collar tag is seen hanging out near the driveway of a Hollywood Hills home. The mountain lion was later confirmed as P-22, the sole big cat that lives within LA’s Griffith Park.

The sight came as a shock to Jaime Hindlin, who was accustomed to seeing some strange things on Halloween but nothing like this. 

“Oh my god that is not a prop people, that is a real animal and we are not on a safari,” Hindlin is heard saying in the clip she posted to Instagram.

Earlier this year, the same mountain lion camped out under someone’s house for a couple days before moving on. It’s all just part of the circus that comes with living in Hollywood.

If you do happen to encounter a mountain lion on a hike, here are some tips on what to do.