Caught on Camera: Mountain Lion Takes Down 4-Point Buck

It’s not often people get a glimpse of a mountain lion. The elusive cats are most active at night and are rarely spotted during the day. That’s why the following clip of a mountain lion making a kill on a 4-point buck in broad daylight is so incredible.

The following video comes from Nikolas Melville, who captured a 15-minute struggle between the cougar and the male deer in the Ranch San Antonio Park in Northern California.

The cat appears to grab hold of the deer by the face as the two struggle until the deer finally gives in from exhaustion. It’s incredible to see the pure determination by the big cat as it was just not going to let go.

The first video shows the struggle and the second the kill as it finally works its hold around to the deer’s neck. The following video contains graphic content.

Photo credit: Youtube screenshot