10-year-old Idaho Bowhunter Drops 400-Pound Black Bear

The biggest black bear taken in Idaho this year could belong to a 10-year-old boy. And not only that, but he took it with a bow and arrow.

Formal records are still awaiting whether the 400-pound black bear shot with an arrow by Sam Sherman will qualify for a Pope and Young Award, but it’s certainly close. The distinction is given to bears with a skull measuring at least 18 inches around once the skull is dried, which takes at least 60 days.

It’s quite a feat for a young hunter who’s already shot another bear and an antelope this season since the record-breaking hunt in September. The boy, along with his father and brother, were hunting in an area known for having large black bears. 

The hunting team used dogs, and within minutes of arriving on the property they were hot on the trail of a black bear. Before long they had it treed up a big ponderosa pine, according to a press release by Idaho Fish and Game. 

If the dogs were not able to tree the bear, the hunters planned to shoot it with a rifle to ensure their own safety. But with the bear safely up a tree, young Sam was clear to take a shot. And beauty he did. 

Young Sam took careful aim and fired a bulls eye, dropping the massive black bear to the ground. 

Photo credit: Facebook