Now here is one shark that seriously bit the wrong surfer. A fisherman who was bit by a spinner shark in Florida recently took revenge on the fish by catching and killing it the next day.

The shark reportedly bit the hand of Florida angler Allen Engelman while he was surfing off Singer Island, The fisherman then came back the next day and hooked the creature with a fishing line. 

Engelman and his 5-year-old son worked a line in the water from the beach where the 28-year-old commercial fisherman was bitten. Suddenly they got what they came for as a shark, which the fisherman swears is the same one, bit the hook. 

The pair hauled the roughly 150-pound shark to shore where it took its last breaths. 

“Now that we got the shark that bit my hand, we’re going to filet it and we’re going to eat it,” Engelman told the Sun Sentinel newspaper.

When Engelman sustained the shark bite, he said the shark clamped down on his hand and then released after about 20 seconds of struggling. He then rushed to the shore and received 15 stitches at a nearby medical center.

Biologists say when sharks strike humans it’s often a mistake, accidentally confusing a hand or foot for a fish in murky waters. Spinner sharks are not the most dangerous, however. That distinction goes to blacktip, great white and bull sharks. 

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