Russians Save Dog Clinging to Floating Ice

Out of Russia comes a story of a dog rescue that will restore your faith in humanity.

A pair of Russians came to the rescue of a German shepherd recently clinging to a piece of ice.

The crew on the Volga river near the Caspian Sea maneuvered the boat so that one of them could snatch the frightened animal from the frigid water.

Earlier this year a small dog was plucked from the water by the crew of a passing sailboat after the dog had fallen from a nearby ferry boat. 

Russian fisherman also rescued a dog perched on a floating piece of ice back in 2013, which was captured on video.

Animals are not the only ones who have found themselves stranded on the ice recently. In North Dakota, two fisherman were on the wrong end of a piece of ice that broke lose from the shoreline. 

Fish and Game officials had to come out by boat and reach the anglers, according to a press release.

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Photo credit: Youtube