A Very Merry Christmas From a Drunk Norwegian

A video of a drunk Norwegian skating on a frozen lake and cutting through the ice for a quick dip is going viral as a 2015 Christmas message.

And why shouldn’t it? In what’s become a tradition for the drunk Norwegian who calls himself Apetor, he downs a couple of vodka bottles in the process.

In our humble opinion, this man is an inspiration. Maybe in part because he embraces all things adverse about the outdoors in the winter. Maybe also because he does it with such aplomb and entertainment.

This mysterious Norwegian posts footage of himself  on Youtube in extreme conditions, committing acts that would otherwise be considered ill-advised and ever idiotic. But they are not. The man is a Nordic, after all, from the land of the people who rendered iron from pete moss and the bottoms of bogs.

Not only is this man honoring his hearty ancestors, he’s teaching any outdoor enthusiast the value of embracing the suck. Sure, it’s cold out there, and there’s not much sun, and the lake is frozen, but why would that stop any strong soul? No, it would not.

Having spent some time in Alaska, I can attest to the importance of getting out and immersing yourself in the hard reality of winter. It’s an important thing, not hiding from the outdoors, even when it seems like it might suck. It actually helps to know you exist, out there in the cold and brutal dark, and to laugh about it.

It makes everything else so much better, and makes for excellent stories in the bars. So get out there this winter, and make sure you stay out when the weather turns hard. Apetor would be proud.

Photo credit: Dreamstime