Mountain Lion Put Down After Killing Dog, Attacking Another

Just a horrible story out of Summit Park, Utah for any dog lover. A mountain lion, that had apparently made itself at home in the neighborhood, attacked two dogs one night.

The larger of the two, a black lab named Casper, got away with puncture wounds to his head and neck, but the smaller one, an  Australian shepherd, was not so lucky. The lion had carried it off. When Susan Strauss went looking for her lost dog, she came face-to-face with the cougar beneath a neighbor’s porch. 

“She stood up and started to growl: I got out of there, I didn’t want any part of it,” Strauss told Fox 13 in Salt Lake City. “It was scary, and it was pretty stupid of us to be that close, but we were looking for our dog.”

Strauss called wildlife officials who shot the animal in the head. When they went to retrieve the cat’s body, they found the woman’s beloved pet. 

“You couldn’t make out her face at all,” Strauss said. “It’s horrible, and telling my 10-year-old was even worse.”

The same cat had startled another neighbor earlier that night. Heidi Hewitt saw the cat casually walking on her porch as if it was out for a stroll, she told the news station. 

“As pretty as the cat was, I was really in awe that it was right there, I kind of wanted to pet it, but I was terrified to even open my door,” Hewitt said.

That was probably a good idea. 

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