Skier Twirls iPhone Above Head for Viral Video

There’s no telling what new way someone will find to shoot a video. Well today’s question has been answered with the following video posted to Youtube by Nicolas Vuignier featuring him lassoing an iPhone around his head while he skis down fresh powder. 

Watched in slow motion with trippy music the images are spectacular. In speaking with CNET, Vuignier explained that he had been tinkering with a design for some time. 

He used a rig he made with a 3D printer and a wide angle olloclip on an iPhone 6 to get just the right stability and camera angle to look right. Vuignier calls it “centriphone.”

“The biggest challenge was to make the phone stable when skiing at reasonable speed,” he told the web site. “The turbulent wind caused by the forward motion of the skier made the phone spin uncontrollably.” 

Photo credit: Youtube