Three Mountain Lions Surround a Truck on Vancouver Island

Mountain lions on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island are nothing new. The island just northwest of Seattle is known for having one of the largest big cat populations on the planet.

But when a man finds himself surrounded by three cougars in his pickup truck, now that is certainly call for alarm. 

Andy Nash captured the footage recently on an outdoor outing on the north end of the island and posted the video to Youtube. 

“Oh my God, oh my God, holy F***,” a nervous Nash can be heard saying. “He wants to eat me, for sure.”

And who can blame him. Mountain lions are some scary creatures that are known to stalk their prey, which means if you see it, likely it’s seen you long before that.

Cougars, as they are also known, are normally solitary creatures, but they are known to hunt in groups so his assumption that they were hungry is likely correct.

Photo credit: Youtube