See What Happens When Guy Throws Pot of Boiling Water Overhead in Freezing Weather

If you can remember from high school science class, clouds form when water vapor heated in the air condenses into droplets and as long as those droplets are warmer than the air, the cloud will float.

One man in -25 degree Celsius weather has demonstrated this effect with a pot of boiling water. Now take care trying this at home because this video could have very well been called “Guy throws pot of boiling water into his face at -25 degree weather.”

The majority of the boiling water soars into the air above his head, cooling quickly but still warm enough to float away. This occurs because the boiling water in the form of tiny droplets is warmer than the air around it. 

We’re not sure, however, about the drops that likely landed on the guy’s face as he flung it backwards into the wind. At least turn your body upwind. But oh well. All in the name of science.

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