Incredible Footage Shows Jaws Surf Break Pumping Again

After the Eddie big wave surf competition was called off last week, the swell that was expected to hit Waimea Bay on the north shore of O’ahu had moved further north.

The forecast spelled bad news for the famed contest that necessitates 40-foot waves, but it still meant the waves would be pumping someplace. Two places in particular that benefited were the breaks at Mavericks in Half Moon Bay in California where the Titans of Mavericks was held.

Waves would also be unleashed at the Jaws surf break at Peahi on the north of Maui. A Red Bull videographer, who has been camped out at the break for other epic swells this El Nino winter, was there for this one to capture some fantastic shots.

Watch as this wave comes hard and fast, giving some no chance at all to avoid its torrent. To conquer such a beast is truly a feat of skill and guts.