Quebec Ice Fisherman Reels in 150-Pound Halibut

Normally when anglers go ice fishing they expect to catch a fish around 10-12 pounds or an even smaller panfish for a warm winter treat. 

But that wasn’t the case for one Quebec fisherman who struggled for two hours to haul in a 150-pound Atlantic halibut.

It was quite the surprise for fisherman Charles Gagnon-Brassard who brought the fish up to the hole five times before watching it plunge back into the depths, according to the CBC. 

When he did finally get it to the surface, the astute angler understood it to be a protected Atlantic halibut, which only commercial fishermen are allowed to keep in that area of the St. Lawrence River. 

An owner of a hunting and fishing store in La Baie near to where the fish was caught told the CBC the catch is a huge deal for the town. 

“We have never seen that here. The word spread, fishermen are dreaming about it. It’s a great fishing tale,” Remi Aubin, told the CBC.

Aubin said his phone is now ringing off the hook from people who want to come out and go fishing. 


La Baie, Saguenay. Sur la glace de La Baie secteur Grande-Baie, Un poisson record de plus de 150 Lbs à été remis à l`eau avec succès à la suite d`un combat Mémorable sur La Glace de La Baie. Photo à suivre! Félicitation à Charles Gagnon Brassard de La Baie pour son exploit! C`est un record pour cette espèce dans le Fjord Saguenay.

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Photo credit: Facebook