Dude Climbs 4,000-Foot Windy Ice Road on a Fat Bike

We’ve seen fat bikes go from a goofy novelty to a respected form of cycling in just a few short years. Now professional cyclist Tim Johnson is pushing the limits of the fat bike in a 4,285-foot climb of the Mt. Washington Auto Road in New Hampshire.

The feat was captured in a recent Red Bull video, showing the extreme weather and fierce winds staring down Johnson at every turn. By deflating his tires to as low as 4 psi, the bike was able to grab even the slickest of icy roads.

But the wind was another matter as Johnson 39 mph winds at some points in the 7.2 mile climb. Temperatures meanwhile reached -19 degrees.

It was an emotional accomplishment too for the decorated cyclist, who’s father saw him win the Summer hill climb there 11 years ago. 

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Photo credit: Youtube