Could Strange Lights at Yellowstone National Park Be a UFO?

The UFO community has been buzzing over a video posted to Youtube recently showing a strange flash of green light near the Old Faithful geyser followed by a mysterious glow on a nearby hillside.

Some of these complete whack jobs think the video shows an exploding UFO and a few days later were signalling for a rescue, all in one of the nation’s most heavily trafficked national parks. 

In reality, the green flash was likely caused by geological activity. Seeing as this is one of the most active geological areas in the world with more than 300 active geysers, it’s highly likely there is a scientific explanation to whatever was coming out of the ground.

The object moving across the sky before the flash is a meteor.

Known as earthquake lights, it is not uncommon for flashes to come from geysers, including Old Faithful, or the shifting of tectonic plates. The resulting plasma light energy can be caused by geologic stress.

Scientists who have studied Yellowstone for years are continually baffled. Just recently those working closest in the area found the vast reserves of magma, known as a super volcano, are much greater than were realized.

When the video’s poster Kat Martin2016, discovered the video she had questions about from the park’s webcam footage was being used as evidence of UFO, she added a disclaimer. 

“I recently found out that this video has been shared on a ufo/alien type channel saying it shows an alien spaceship crashing,” she wrote. “I NEVER said this, so I just want to make that clear. I let people think what they want, but the object going across the sky is a meteor…it’s the flash I was curious about.”

The second video too could be explained as earthquake lights.

Photo credit: Youtube