If you watched season 5 episode 2 of Discovery’s Naked and Afraid, you can’t help but wonder what those horrific screams and growls were when Trent was in his shelter. At one point he actually ran screaming for help through the jungle. But what was it?

Another interesting thing was that when he was leaving (he stayed alone for 18 days), you could clearly hear the creature scream and growl as if to warn him not to return.

Now here’s a guy who also claims that Bigfoot once laid on him while he was camping. Still, if you’ve ever heard some of the supposed Bigfoot screams on audio out there (and you’re a Bigfoot fanatic like me), there is a strange similarity.

Mythical creatures are not new to Belize. As in many Mayan cultures, there are tales that date back thousands of years. Stories of wacky creatures inhabiting the forests include Curupia (a boy with flaming hair and green teeth), Saci-Pererê (a black boy with a red hat and one leg who smokes a pipe) and even the ghost of a woman who turns into a fire-spewing headless mule.

One interesting story I found was about a couple who traveled to a Mayan temple in Belize and encountered a large beast crashing through the woods. It scared the guide too and he mentioned the word “cow” to someone at the other end of his radio as they quickly left. Later, the couple heard of a legendary large ground sloth (a prehistoric survivor?) that was known to live there. The “cave cow” legend has been around for centuries.

It is speculated that we have only found 14 percent of all the species on earth and that gets you thinking about what the heck is still out there. With all the folklore and legends it kind of makes you wonder if some of it could be true. Let’s face it, every day there are dozens of reports of some creepy critter lurking around in the dark. Are we all nuts? Maybe, maybe not.

After extensive research, I think I’ve solved the mysterious scream/growl heard in the Naked and Afraid episode. It appears to be a howler monkey. I listened to the audio and after painstakingly comparing it to a lot of jungle animal sounds, the howler monkey matches it almost exactly. I’ll tell you what, if I heard that horrific sound in the night, I’d run like hell too!

If you compare the howler monkey sounds to the sounds heard on many Bigfoot videos, they are eerily similar. If in fact Bigfoot is a giant ape that somehow survived through the ages (most accounts confirm ape-like features), why does it sound so similar to the sounds made by the howler monkey? Kind of makes you wonder huh?

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