German Shepherd Survives 5-Weeks on Deserted Island

If only dogs could speak the 18-month-old German shepherd that survived five weeks on a deserted island off the coast of Southern California would have some story to tell. 

Officials who discovered the pooch named Luna on San Clemente Island, which the Navy uses for training operations, believe the dog survived by drinking standing water left behind by recent rain and it likely ate a combination of dead fish, dead birds and rats. 

Needless to say her master was thrilled to see her again. A friend of Luna’s owner Nick told KSWB in San Diego the dog had fallen off their fishing boat about two miles from the island. They searched and searched but couldn’t find her, and sadly assumed she had perished. 

Then about five weeks later, Navy staff saw the dog on the island. It seems Luna had one strong doggy paddle.

“We opened up the door and whistled and in she jumped,” one staff member told KSWB. “Everyone fell in love with her.”

Hearing the news, Luna’s owner darted to San Diego to be reunited. 

“There’s not really any words that can explain it… This is not a day that we thought would ever happen,” Nick’s friend told KSWB.

Photo credit: Facebook