Watch Live Bald Eagles Caring for Young

A pair of bald eagles that recently hatched on a live web cam in Washington DC has been catching world wide attention. The miracle of nature caught on camera nearly broke the Internet, but if you missed it you don’t have to feel left out. 

You can now watch as the two eagles, Liberty and Justice, work to care for their young with the male eagle retrieving worms and small morsels and the female delicately placing the pieces in the mouths of the eaglets. 

The drama is being filmed by a web cam at the Metropolitan Police Academy in DC where the pair have nested for the past 11 years. The camera was set up by Earth Conservation Corps to document what has been a success story in restoring eagle habitat to the Washington DC area. 

The last eagles to nest in the region were viewed in 1946, that is, until 1994 when young members of the conservation group began releasing a pair of eagles each year from the US National Arboretum. In the spring of 1999, like clockwork, the pairs began to nest and breed. 

You can catch the highlight clips of the breeding process from the Washington Post. And if you still want the opportunity to be a part of the live hatching action, tune in to another eagle camera in Pennsylvania, set up by the state game commission, where they expect a pair of eaglet hatch-lings at any moment. 

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