Suppressors Are Now Legal for Hunting in Oklahoma

The Sooner State has made it legal to add a little more stealth to your hunt on public lands.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed into law House Bill 2637, legalizing suppressors for hunting on public land. Hunting with suppressors on private land is already legal in the state, and has been since 2012, but now that it’s legal on public lands, hunters and retailers alike will enjoy more freedom.

The American Suppressor Association is of course happy with the new law, and works to educate people on the role of suppressors on hunting rifles.

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The association says suppressors are the hearing protection of the 21st century sportsman.

“Despite common misconceptions, suppressors are not silent,” the association wrote on its website. “They are simply mufflers for firearms, which function by trapping the expanding gasses at the muzzle and allowing them to slowly cool.”

Oklahoma now joins the rest of the nation in allowing suppressors to be used for hunting. According to the American Silencer Association, only a handful of states still ban hunters from using the devices, including California, Hawaii, and New York.

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