The Shark that Would Not Let Go

Nurse sharks are some of the least aggressive sharks in the water, but when one of them bit down on the arm of a young woman in Boca Raton, Florida it just would not let go. 

The 23-year-old was taken to a nearby hospital with the shark still attached to her forearm, and not until doctors could treat her did they finally manage to make it let go.

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Photographs of the bizarre incident went viral on Monday. The woman was reportedly swimming in the ocean not too far out when the shark bit down on her arm. 

Beachgoers who witnessed the event said it looked like the shark was unable to let go. 

“It wouldn’t let go,” Inspector Robert Lemons, a spokesman for fire rescue told the Miami Herald. “They made the decision to keep her comfortable and just take her to the hospital.”  

“The shark wouldn’t give up,” beachgoer Shlomo Jacob, of Boca Raton, told the Sun Sentinel. “It was barely breathing but it wasn’t letting go of her arm, like it was stuck to her or something.”

Photo credit: Miami Herald