Park Service Looking for Grand Canyon Taggers

If you spray paint graffiti in a national park, the Park Service will do everything in it’s power to track you down. That’s the message behind a “wanted” bulletin for two people suspected of marring a rock face in Grand Canyon National Park. 

The pair were featured in a Park Service news release recently asking the public’s help to identify the male and female suspects. They allegedly spray painted the phrase “Evans 16” into a rock and a security camera identified them as being in the area. 

This is not the first time, vandalism has defaced protected areas. Earlier this year actress Vanessa Hudgeons admitted to carving her and her boyfriend’s initials into a rock at Sedona. The actress agreed to pay a $1,000 fine for the act. 

In another story, visitors to Arches National Park also carved their names into a rock feature. 

Anyone with information about vandalism anywhere are encouraged to contact the Park Service through the following ways: