Swordfish Attacks Commercial Scuba Diver

A commercial scuba diver working off the coast of Brazil had a startling encounter with a swordfish recently caught on video. The diver was standing on the ocean floor working on some equipment when a 5-foot swordfish charged right into him.

While the fish missed hitting the diver in the body, it managed to get its sword stuck in the tubes connecting his breathing apparatus. You can see the fish squirm trying to get itself free and it’s no wonder it doesn’t sever the oxygen tube. Thinking fast, the diver quickly moves back up to the submersible that he had been working from. It’s a fellow diver that catches the action on video, at one point getting a glimpse of the diver’s popping eyeballs through his dive mask. 

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Details have not emerged as to the exact source of the footage, but a timestamp of the video indicates it was shot April 16 from the diving support vessel Wyatt Candies, an American ship owned by Fugro, which works with oil and energy sectors. The video was shared recently on Facebook by Luis Nascimento where it’s received nearly 2 million views. 

While getting impaled by a swordfish is extremely rare, it has been known to happen. Last year, a charter fishing captain was killed by a swordfish that impaled him while spear fishing in Hawaii. In 2014, another commercial diver was also struck by a charging swordfish.