Yellowstone Fines Visitor $1,000 for Walking off Boardwalk

Officials at Yellowstone National Park are not tolerating any more delinquent behavior as they recently issued a $1,000 fine to a visitor who stepped off the boardwalk at one of the park’s hot springs. 

Rangers fined a Chinese national $1,000 for collecting thermal water and stepping off the boardwalk at Mammoth Hot Springs. It was onlookers who captured video of the incident and reported it to park rangers, resulting in the enforcement action.

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“The subsequent law enforcement investigation identified the individual who stated that he did not read the safety information given to him at the park entrance. He also admitted to collecting hot springs water,” according to a statement.

The incident follows the story just a week earlier of a young man who ventured off the boardwalk at another hot springs area in the park and fell to his death in the scalding hot water.

In another recent prosecution showing the park service means business. A San Diego woman pleaded guilty to seven misdemeanor counts for defiling rock formations with graffiti at 20 national parks. She will also have to serve 200 hours of community and pay a monetary fine, which has not yet been determined, according to the LA Times. 

Photo credit: Wikimedia