Entangled Humpback Whale Asks Kayakers for Help

There are times when you realize just how incredible certain animals actually are. A recent encounter with a juvenile humpback whale off the coast of Australia was one of those moments. 

The juvenile humpback whale in Australia had become entangled in fishing rope and when it saw a group of kayakers nearby and nudged them for help. The kayakers soon got the idea and attempted to free the creature from the net. 

It was a remarkable encounter caught on camera and uploaded to Youtube by Epic Ocean Adventures. It later spread on-line and reported by several media including ABC News.

“For around 10 minutes the whale was rubbing against the kayak and was turning over to what seemed to be trying to show us something,” the poster stated on Youtube. “We saw the whale had rope tangled around one of its flippers and was effecting its movements.”

The group was unable to get the whale untangled. They could see that it was heavily scarred and the rope led to the whale’s mouth where it looked to have swallowed part of it with other materials. So they wen to shore and immediately notified authorities. 

“We are hoping this poor fellow can get the treatment it needs to swim and live freely again,” according to the post. “We are still amazed by the whales ability to try to communicate with us for help.”

Unfortunately local wildlife officials determined they were unable to save the young wahle. 

“This is because of the very real risk to staff of injury, the remote chance of success and difficulties locating the animal,” the spokesperson said, according to ABC.net.

Photo credit: Youtube