Wild Boar Storms Polish Beach Like a Boss

In one of the more bizarre blends of three, or maybe four outdoor activities, beachgoers on Karwia beach in Poland found their otherwise languid July day blasted open when a wild boar swam in from the Baltic Sea and began ramming anyone in its way.

So that’s swimming, hunting, surfing and pig fighting if you’re keeping track.

“Jesus! It’s attacking people! Let’s all go into the water!” shouted one bystander, according to a report from the Australian media outlet 9news.com.

Speaking of invasions and Poland, it’s tempting to bring up World War II, so we’re going to. Imagine the Polish horse cavalry blindsided by columns of German tanks and swarms of Stuka dive-bombers.

Now consider the groups of Polish sunbathers, relaxing behind their windscreens on a breezy day at the beach, and maybe one woman looks up from her sun soaked trance and her Borsht Bloody Mary to notice a small head out in the surf, little hooves paddling furiously against the waves, riding it in until he’s on the sand in a trot.

No doubt the pig  was startled but relieved not to be swimming, and then there are all these people surrounding him, and so he starts ramming them.

Some people just stood there, others shouted. Still others took up arms, or at least poles, against the beast. And when he knocked a couple people over, others bum rushed the animal with no plan for combat beyond the action of rushing.

Eventually the swine found its way up a trail and into the woods, all the while being coaxed by the bravest on the beach. Two people suffered minor injuries from the tusks.

The thing about the wild boar is, however, that it’s not necessarily unique to the Polish beach. It seems the animals are getting bolder, more amphibious, and certainly confused. A similar incident played out on the Bosphorous River in November, 2015, where it too made landfall and terrorized an Istanbul market.

Photo credit: Youtube