Cruise Ship Passengers Witness Grizzly Attack on Two Guides

When you get off a cruise ship and take a tour, it’s not always the most authentic experience. But one group of cruise ship passengers got way more than they bargained for after witnessing a grizzly bear attack their two tour guides. 

The group was hiking in southeast Alaska on Chichagof Island near Sitka with UnCruise Adventures when the mauling occurred. It appeared the guides mistakenly got between a sow and a cub when the animal lashed out. A male guide was treated at the scene while the female guide was transferred to a hospital. 

State troopers reported to the Alaska Dispatch News that the group of 22 found themselves with the sow on one side of the trail and her cub on the other when she first attacked the female guide. The male guide came in with pepper spray and was bit before the bear ran off, Tim Despain, Troopers spokesperson told ADN.

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After the incident occurred, medical crews responded up the 2.5 mile trail to the mauling site and a US Coast Guard helicopter responded to transport the female guide. No plans were made to track and capture the sow. Meanwhile, the passengers continued on their voyage through the Inside Passage.

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Photo credit: Public domain pictures