Premier Trans-Rezia Mountain Bike Crowns Enduro King and Queen

High in the Italian and Swiss alps the world’s top mountain bikers competed over the course of six days in one of the greatest tests of endurance and guts across some of the world’s greatest scenery. 

The premier Trans-Rezia 6-stage mountain biking enduro contest took place Aug 22-27. And rest assured, there will be more to come. The first annual race pitted the world’s best riders in six stages of grueling head to head competition filled harrowing descents and heart pounding ascents amounting to 14,000 meters of vertical change.

In the world of mountain biking there is no competition as grueling as the enduro. A test of endurance as well as technical ability and shear guts, enduro circuits have popped up around the world. Taking things a step further are the staged enduros, which are an entirely new beast.

British rider James Shirley for the men and Tracy Moseley for the women were crowned victors with a cumulative fastest time among the six stages. To watch the beauty of the Trans-Rezia in all its glorious backdrops visit

Photo credit: Facebook @Transrezia