Watch a Lion Charge Tourists in South Africa

When you’re on safari in Africa, it’s nice to be in a raised Jeep. It affords an up close perspective but still keeps you out of harms way. For the most intrepid safari adventurers, there are walking tours. 

Recently a group of tourists on a walking tour in Kruger National Park found out just how vulnerable being on the ground can be in the South African game park when a lion charged them.

A video of the event was posted to the park’s Youtube channel, but that wasn’t even the most harrowing part, according to one of the tourists who filmed the encounter. 

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“What I didn’t film was even more terrifying events of having to scramble up a tree just after this to escape a herd of buffalo who heard the commotion,” wrote the poster. “And then later coming across another lion who (abnormally) stalked and charged us (no mock charge). You know it was serious when your guide looks visibly shaken!”

It appears that the tour disturbed the male lion in the middle of mating. We all know how annoying that can be. Am I right? After the encounter, rangers relocated the lion to an area far from the possibility of human contact.

What would you do if you were charged like that?

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