Oregon Bowhunter Charged with Homicide

In a horrifying incident out of Oregon, a bowhunter killed his hunting partner at point blank range on the side of a road.

Michael Pekarek, 52 from Tillamook, was arrested on charges of negligent homicide and held on $50,000 bail after he admitted to law enforcement officers he shot his friend, 45-year-old Jeffrey Cummins with an arrow, according to KTVZ.

The two men were deer hunting in the central Oregon when they spotted a mule deer near their vehicle. Both men stepped out of the vehicle and armed their bows with broadheads. When the deer disappeared out of sight, Pekarek said he turned toward his partner and accidentally discharged the arrow.

The arrow struck the man in the soft flesh of his abdomen, rendering severe damage to internal organs. Pekarek reportedly called 911 and attempted CPR but his partner was pronounced dead on the scene when medics arrived. 

Photo credit: KTVZ via Deschutes County Jail