Great White Shark Attack on Spear Fisherman Caught on Camera

Ever wondered what it looks like to get attacked by a great white shark underwater? One spear fisherman free diving off the coast of Santa Barbara recently found out the hard way, and he captured the video footage to prove it.

The video posted to Youtube recently by Tyler McQuillen starts off innocently enough until suddenly the 22-year-old is jolted forward and you can see that he’s missing a fin. Then we see the culprit as a great white shark more than six feet long swims by.

McQuillen shot the video with a GoPro mounted to his speargun, telling ABC News that he first thought this friends were playing a joke on him until he realized that he was actually begin attacked by a shark. Chances are the shark was acting with curiosity and not maliciously, but it was still terrifying.

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“The second time he came around, I thought I was finished,” he told the news outlet. But as it came close again he lunged and jabbed it with his spear. It was enough to get the shark moving in the other direction.

Not sure whether it had completely moved on, McQuillen called the incident “fucking gnarly.”