Canadian Man Fends Off Bear Attack with Wine Bottle

As if we needed another reason to carry booze into the backcountry. Wine especially is a good choice because it doesn’t perish and can be drank warm. 

But now there’s another important reason to bring a bottle of vino on your next camping trip: self defense. A man outside Saskatchewan has apparently used a wine bottle to fend off a bear attack in the Canadian woods. 

It was around 4 am when Jack Ballantyne, 44, was out drinking at 4 in the morning in a remote section of forest. His sister told the CBC that Ballantyne can not hear well so did not hear the bear approaching. 

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“All he remembers is that the bear took a swipe at him, hit him and he went flying,” Rose Ballantyne said. 

Going with whatever he could get his hands on, the man struck the bear with the empty wine bottle and also punched it in the face. That’s when the bear retreated and the man assessed his injuries.

He suffered just a minor abrasion to his arm and later experienced blood in his urine and sought hospitalization, but it looks like he will be alright. Thank goodness for that bottle of wine.

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