California Man Faces Manslaughter in Shooting Death of Hunting Partner

A man who mistakenly shot his hunting partner earlier several weeks ago was officially brought up on manslaughter charges, putting a spotlight on one of the first rules of hunting — know what you’re shooting at. 

Salvador Mendoza Madrigal, 56, was hunting with his friend, 52-year-old Rigoberto Mendoza and another friend in Colusa, County California on Aug 28.

The group was reportedly communicating through two-way radios when Madrigal heard there was a deer nearby. Pushing through some brush, he apparently saw movement and shot his Mendoza in the mid-section, reports the Sun Herald newspaper.

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In order to call 911, Madrigal had to climb to higher ground but it was unfortunately too late. Mendoza died before being transported to a hospital. Madrigal surrendered himself this week to authorities. His first court appearance is scheduled for Oct 4. 

The incident serves as a scary example when you don’t follow the simplest of hunting safety rules. Always have a clear sight of what you’re shooting at before pulling the trigger.