New Underwater Drone Captures the Catch from Every Angle

Nothing good ever happens unless it’s caught on camera, and apparently taking a photo or a video of your catch just isn’t good enough anymore. Now fishermen have the ultimate tool for capturing their recent whopper from an underwater drone.

The PowerRay Fishfinder by PowerVision not only can film the moment the fish bites the bait, but it can also serve as eyes and ears in the water, helping you to land more fish like no fish finder has ever done.

In addition to getting a reading on a smartphone or tablet like a traditional fish finder, the PowerRay will actually provide a visual from its onboard camera that you can view in real-time through built-in WiFi.

Detailed information such as fish distribution, underwater temperature, depth, under-water landscape and fish alerts are all sent to the mobile device.

Another cool feature makes sure you get the shot the moment the fish bites the bait. With an extended arm, you can choose to hook your line so that the bait dangles right in front of the camera.

This might scare off a few fish with a drone so near the bait, but when it bites, you’ll be sure to have the perfect angle. And won’t that make for the most perfect fishing video to show your buddies ever?

So far a price tag has not been revealed, though is expected by February. More information at PowerVision.