Gear Up: Hydro Flask Bottle

There are hundreds of water bottles available on the market today, and with advancements in technology and ecological thinking, the current styles offer countless benefits. This “green” mindset, in relation to water bottles, began with the rise in popularity of aluminum and stainless steel models. Then, even plastic models became BPA-free, which offered consumers a less-expensive, but equally environmentally-safe option. However, there are still those who want it all, in terms of characteristics. Some want an environmentally safe bottle that also keeps drinks at a desired temperature. This is where the Hydro Flask Water Bottle enters the picture.

At first glance, the Hydro Flask bottle looks like many other stainless steel models on the market. This is where the similarities end, however. The environmentally-minded Hydro Flask bottle’s premium-grade, BPA-free, steel is powder-coated with a matte finish, which prevents it from sweating and makes leaving the bottle near your computer or in a backpack worry-free. The bottle is extremely lightweight, which makes it ideal for biking, hiking, or even just going for a walk on a warm afternoon.

You’re probably reading and thinking, “Okay, so it’s BPA-free and doesn’t sweat, big deal.” Well, the real quality of the Hydro Flask bottle that sets it apart from other similar models is that, due to a double wall of insulation, the bottle maintains the desired temperature of whatever you may be drinking. This feature keeps cold liquids cold for more than 24 hours and hot liquids hot for 12 hours. Awesome, right? This is what enables the Hydro Flask bottle to bridge the gap between outdoor and everyday use. Imagine taking a road trip and being able to enjoy a hot bottle of coffee or tea for the whole trip.

Let’s break down what we have so far. The Hydro Flask is stainless steel and BPA-free. Its matte finish keeps it from sweating. The bottle is lightweight and fits into any cup holder, and is equipped with a double wall of insulation that maintains the desired temperature of any liquid inside. How could it possibly improve upon such traits? Well, did I mention that the bottle also comes with a lifetime warranty? Furthermore, as if all that wasn’t enough to entice you into purchasing one, Hydro Flask will also donate 5% of your purchase to a charity of your choice.

I’ve spoken to a few individuals who have purchased a Hydro Flask bottle and refuse to buy any other water bottle. With so many great features, an assuring warranty, a variety of sizes and styles, and charitable donations to accompany such a great product, it’s difficult to believe anyone would think of using a different brand after trying the Hydro Flask.