Hydration Solutions for Trail Runners

When most people think of trails, they think of boots, backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags. While many outdoors activities require us to take a lot of gear, there are some activities—trailrunning, for example—that would be hindered with a full pack. One important factor in any outdoor activity, however, is hydration, and finding a way to stay hydrated when trail running is an integral part of the sport. Today I’ve provided you with a few ways to accomplish this without being over-encumbered the next time you hit the trail for a run.

If you can find one that is comfortable and able to be worn securely, so that it doesn’t jostle much while you run, then a hydration pack from Camelbak will work just fine for a run. I’ve worn mine during several runs and have had no problems or hindrances. However, some models can move around a lot during a run, which can shift your balance and become annoying.

Some companies specialize in fitness hydration products, and Amphipod’s line of hydration solutions is a great answer to any portable water problems you may have. Amphipod makes a variety of products for different preferences and any runner should have no problem finding one that works for their tastes. For instance, in the summer, I don’t like to wear my hydration pack and want as little added friction and gear as possible, to keep from getting too hot. For this reason, I like to carry one of Amphipod’s Hydraform Handheld bottles with a pocket, which is basically just a water bottle outfitted with a strap that fits securely around your hand as you carry the bottle, and even has a small zipper pocket in which to place keys or any other small items.

Amphipod also offers several belts that are designed to carry any number of bottles during a run. The company’s Airstretch Full-Tilt model, for example, carries one 20-ounce bottle, while the RunLite Airstretch carries two bottles and has a small pouch for important items. Furthermore, the Amphipod RunLite Airstretch 4 Belt is equipped with four bottles, which eliminates any thirst issues whatsoever. The company also offers a Micropack model, which is a small pouch that holds a plastic bottle, for quick runs. You can also find similar products from companies such as Nathan, or REI, all of which do a great job of helping trail runners stay hydrated.

Staying hydrated while trail running can be difficult, especially when most runners don’t want to carry a lot of gear. The products outlined above go a long way towards solving this issue by enabling trail runners to carry water without impeding their ability to run. Keep brands like Nathan, Camelbak, REI, and Nathan in mind the next time you think about hitting the trail for a run and I guarantee you won’t dehydrate anytime soon.