Gear Up: Feathered Friends Spoonbill

Hiking and camping are some of the best ways to spend time with a significant other. While there are nights when a movie and a blanket on the couch are ideal, a lot can be said for couples who enjoy being active and would rather hit the trails than the mall, or sit by the fire and look up at the stars rather than sit in a movie theater. One thing that can encumber a couple’s camping trip, however, is carrying two sleeping bags. Not only does zipping two bags together become tedious, but the added weight can be a hindrance on what gear you can take. Well, Feathered Friends, a company based in Seattle that specializes in ultralight sleeping bags, offers a great solution to this problem. If you and your significant other have found two sleeping bags to be an annoyance on the trail, then you might want to Gear Up with the Spoonbill sleeping bag from Feathered Friends.

The Spoonbill is not simply an extra wide sleeping bag, but is a true innovation in design. The bag’s two sleeping compartments are designed to function as independent as they are codependent. For instance, the two head hoods are independently adjustable, as are the draft collars and footboxes. This key feature maximizes heat insulation when temperatures drop significantly. To preserve heat, the bag must be securely closed. With two users, this can be difficult, as each person requires a different fit, just like a pair of shoes. The independent adjustability allows each person to fit the bag to their body and still remain comfortable together.  

Material-wise, the Spoonbill is a 900-fill bag and is comprised of premium down and water-resistant Pertex UL fabric, which make it very light. Furthermore, there is no bottom insulation, which only adds to the Spoonbill’s ultralight qualities. Speaking of ultralight qualities, the Spoonbill weighs in around 2 ½ pounds, which makes it a very viable alternative for outdoors couples looking to shave gear weight during long treks.

The Spoonbill is available in two different lengths and a variety of colors, but does come with an $800 price tag. However, it is also available in an 850-fill model, which costs $100 less. The high cost might seem intimidating, but two separate, high-quality sleeping bags will cost nearly as much and frequent camping couples will find the low weight and high performance well worth the cost. The only drawback I’ve heard from customers is that, with two people, the bag becomes very warm. While this is perfect for cooler climates, it can be uncomfortable in milder temperatures.

Since sharing a sleeping bag is really about conserving warmth during cool nights, outdoors couples will find the Spoonbill from Feathered Friends to be a great way to enjoy nights in the wilderness comfortably. Not only will each user be able to fit their half of the bag to suit their body, but the bag erases the need for two sleeping bags, which leaves more room for other gear, which is something any camper will be grateful for.