Fit to conform to your dog’s lean body, so as not to throw off their balance, the Approach dog pack from Ruff Wear is ideal for pack solutions. The lean design also moves with your dog’s body, which allows them to travel easily through dense trails and underbrush. The pack itself is made from tough, water-resistant nylon, which will hold up against the elements. Furthermore, the pack uses waterproof zippers to protect any items within the bag from rain. This will enable your furry friend to roam here and there more naturally, and allow you to hike without worrying about the integrity of your purchase.

The Approach pack utilizes a unique harness system that distributes the pack’s weight evenly and improves support and stability. Also, the five-point harness is padded, which provides comfort. Other features of the Ruff Wear Approach dog pack include a built-in handle that allows you to manually guide your dog through questionable terrain, a leash ring, and gear loops that allow you to attach more items, if needed.

Ruff Wear’s Approach pack is easily adjustable to fit several breeds and body types, but is available in several different sizes to ensure you get the best model for your dog. However, the absence of compartments within the pack’s pockets will allow items to shift, which can be an issue. The Approach pack comes with an $80 price tag, which is a worthy investment, especially if you take your dog on many hikes.

Dogs are naturally inclined to want to please us and earn praise, and packs are a great way to allow your dog to contribute their fair share to the hike. Ruff Wear, a company well-known for its dog packs, offers a great way of doing this with their Approach dog pack. The Approach pack is ideal for day hikes and weekend trips alike, and is able to carry enough of your dog’s accessories for both. 

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