Gear Up: Fjallraven Keb Trouser

Enjoying the outdoors entails being prepared. This means having the right equipment and mindset to hit the trail with confidence, as well as maintaining a level of physical comfort that allows you to travel safely and easily. The clothes we wear on the trail need to possess functionality, as well as comfort, and today I want to help serious outdoorsmen Gear Up with a quality pair of pants from Fjallraven, the Keb trouser.

First things first: the Keb trouser is intended for heavy duty trekking, and its design shows this. Seasoned hikers and frequent alpine hikers know that durability and mobility are two necessities, and the Keb is equipped with a practical design and rugged material to satisfy both needs.

The rear and knees of the trousers are pre-shaped and possess long seams, which allow efficient movement and durability against stretching. There is a durable layer of G-1000 Eco (a combination of cotton and polyester that’s treated with Greenland wax) at the rear, leg fronts, knees, and the inside of the leg bottoms, as well as a second layer of fabric in the leg bottoms. Also, an extra layer of soft fabric in the inseam prevents uncomfortable rubbing. To prevent overheating, the trouser offers zippered ventilation from the knee to the hip, as well as an extended zipper fly.

Feature-wise, the Keb has two leg pockets—one zippered and one flapped with inner pockets for smaller items—and the hand pockets are situated high enough to keep contents intact even when sitting down. The trousers possess a map pocket, as well.

The Keb trouser is available in black and tarmac (brown), so you’ll some options when choosing a pair. As far as price is concerned, the trouser is on the high end of the market. As I stated earlier, the Keb is designed for serious hikers and outdoorsmen, and the $250 price tag exhibits this well. Of course, casual hikers will not want to spend this much on a pair of pants, but cost is usually proportionate to quality, and seasoned alpine trekkers know that the cost is worth it.

Sharp rocks, tree branches, water, sunlight, and normal wear and tear put a beating on trail pants, but the Keb trouser from Fjallraven is one product designed to endure, in spite of everything the trail can throw at you. Not only that, but Fjallraven designed the trouser to maintain a fit that provides efficient movement and comfort, which is a great asset to have on the trail. Trail pros in need of pants that will last for years will do well to check out the Keb trouser and see what this amazing product is all about.